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oak inserts

HONEY COMB® Patented Barrel Alternative

Looking for unique Flavors or Finishes?

Not using a Black Swan barrel to brew, age or flavor your beer, wine or spirits?  Use our HONEY COMB® Barrel Alternative to achieve similar wood sourced flavoring results. Offered in a variety of wood species in addition to traditional white oak, the HONEY COMB® Barrel Alternative brings an abundance of unique flavor profiles and maximizes extraction rates and accelerates maturation.  Down  core variations in sugar toasted profiles for increased complexity!!

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Benefits of using the HONEY COMB® Patented Barrel Alternative, Wood Species Available

Designed for maximum extraction of wood components in an minimal amount of time.

  • Quality wood sourced from the same forests and toasted through-and-through for the same results every time
  • Structurally sound and easily customized to fit your specific aging vessel volume, ie. Carboy, barrel or tank
  • 6 weeks extraction time…..highest possible surface area to volume ratio= accelerated aging and unique results via your product penetrating the entire stick for maximized extraction
  • Available in a wide variety of wood species for maximum flavor profile potential
  • Great for Barrel Aging cocktails


Wood Species Available:


Butter brickle, ripe cherry, fresh grass, meringue, light fried bread/Belgian waffle

Hard Maple

Maple candy, light spice-nutmeg, cinnamon, syrup, bread/bakery, cream hint of cocoa


Honey, BBQ, hickory smoked bacon, apple sauce, cocoa coconut

Red Oak

Red berries, toasted marshmallow, light grass, baking bread, butterscotch


Vanilla, Sage/Spice, Root Beer, Mint

Soft Maple

Yellow cake, light smoke, banana, nut, toasted bread, hint of orange spice

White Ash

Campfire, marshmallow, light grass, rising bread dough, light sweetness (adds different mouth-feel dimension)

White Oak

Vanilla, toasted coconut, cinnamon, pepper, sweet baked bread, caramel

Yellow Birch

Toffee, butterscotch, honey croissant, light lemon, tropical fruit


Instructions for use:

Insert appropriate amount of HONEY COMB® into vessel that contains beer, wine, or spirits.
(1″ per gallon for Beer, 3″ per gallon for Wine/Spirits)

For ease of extracting the HONEY COMB® stick out of the vessel, simply tie monofilament line to stick and tape to outside of vessel to prevent slipping.

This is a fast extraction product and delivers flavor rapidly, we recommend watching the progress carefully.

Extraction will be complete in 6 weeks, take out sooner if you reach desired flavor profile.

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