Company Name: Black Swan Cooperage, LLC

Address: 1605 Commerce Ave S, Park Rapids, MN

Phone: 218-237-2020

Email Address:

Contact: Stacey Won

Job Title: Cooper

Required Skills: Must be able to lift at least 60 pounds, and at least the age of 18

Preferred Skills: We do all on the job training, but basic wood working knowledge is preferred.

Job Description:
Are you looking for an exciting long term and unique career opportunity? Black Swan Cooperage, LLC is seeking motivated, hard-working and dedicated individuals willing to learn a new trade and join our team. New team members will be introduced to the process of making whiskey barrels for the craft distillers across the United States. Training will be provided to learn the specialized trade of a cooper which is a rapidly growing industry. Team members work full time hours with potential overtime.

Mail or email your resume to the address above. If you wish to apply in person, please call ahead for an appointment.

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