aboutOur barrels are available with sizes (from 5 gallons to 53 Gallons) with a variety of toasting and charring levels with staves that can have the largest patented surface area available in any stave.
This sizing and customization provides a way to manage the availability of new products to your portfolio. Smaller barrels can be used to develop flavors more quickly, to test the finished quality of new mash bills, to fill in short falls to your product lines, or to blend across the different barrel sizes you have to meet your target flavor profile.

Black Swan Cooperage, LLC is located in the heart of the Minnesota Northwood’s, 20 miles South of the Headwaters of the Mississippi. Every morning one of has to get Paul Bunyan up and get him over to the pump to start up the Mississippi! We began in 2009 as a 2-person, Father/Daughter team of Russ Karasch and Heidi Korb (Co-Owner). Thanks to the support of many family, friends and customers, Black Swan has grown tremendously over the past ten years to be a nationally and even globally recognized name for their quality and innovative cooperage products.

The Black Swan team prides themselves on their knowledge of wood and passing that along to their distillery and brewery customers to help them achieve consistent and unique products. Our goal is to continue to grow, create new products, and better serve our customers and the craft community as a whole!

Thank you all for your continued business and support!


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