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Aging time machines!!  Our staves provide the largest (patented) surface area of any stave on the market.  Extreme Stave Surface Area allows for faster extraction of oak barrel components with a larger cross section of oak sourced sugars….we have been accused of having the sweetest barrels on the planet.  Accelerated Aging!! Patented Honey Comb Staves

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Why are Black Swan Barrels better than commodity Barrels?

Two compelling reasons:

1) We “water bend” our staves. Two things happen that improve the oak qualities from soaking the partially raised barrels in hot water….the staves are made pliable for subsequent bending while the “hot tub” soaking removes, softens and rounds out the tannins during the “soak” and not stressing the wood structure commonly used with fire bending.

2) We toast our barrels for an extended period of time using oak instead of burning gas (no products of propane or natural gas combustion) to slowly release a bouquet of oak wood based sugars which will subsequently be extracted into your product.

These processes prepare the oak staves to provide soft vanilla notes and suppress the oak tannins.

Black Swan Cooperage, LLC is a family-run cooperage in northern Minnesota. Our barrels are handcrafted from the finest American White Oak and overseen by a master cooper with more than twenty-five years of know how and experience.

The flavor is what we’re about…we’ve been accused of having the sweetest barrels with the widest available selection of oak sourced sugars and reduced tannins.  The cross sectional area of our Patented HONEY COMB® cannot be beaten by ANY other barrel product on the market.

Along with our Black Swan Traditional Barrel, Black Swan Standard Barrel and Black Swan Patented HONEY COMB® ,we feature the Black Swan HONEY COMB® Patented Barrel Alternative for flavoring and aging wine, beer, and spirits. Offering a variety of different wood species in addition to traditional White Oak, the HONEY COMB® Barrel Alternative brings an abundance of unique flavor profiles, maximizes extraction rates, and accelerates maturation.

All of our barrels are customizable for just the right toast and char level for your whiskey or beer!!


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HONEY COMB® Barrel Alternative
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HONEY COMB® Barrel Alt. applications are available for beer, wine, & spirits and are made to fit any aging vessel from carboys and barrels to large tanks.

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