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Black Swan Cooperage, LLC is a family-run cooperage in northern Minnesota. Our barrels are handcrafted from the finest American White Oak and overseen by a master cooper with more than two decades of knowledge and experience.

The flavor is what we’re about…

Along with our Black Swan Traditional Barrel, Black Swan Standard Barrel and Black Swan HONEY COMB® Barrel(patent pending), we feature the Black Swan HONEY COMB® Barrel Alternative (patent-pending) for flavoring and aging wine, beer, and spirits. Offering a variety of different wood species in addition to traditional White Oak, the HONEY COMB® Barrel Alternative brings an abundance of unique flavor profiles, maximizes extraction rates, and accelerates maturation.

All of our barrels are customizable for just the right toast and char level.




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HONEY COMB® Barrel Alternative
(patent pending)


HONEY COMB® Barrel Alt. applications are available for beer, wine, & spirits and are made to fit any aging vessel from carboys and barrels to large tanks.

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